Total War: Warhammer III reveals Thrones of Decay DLC

Thrones of Decay is the next Warhammer 3 DLC, and it's coming soon.

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Following Shadows of Change, Creative Assembly and SEGA announced Thrones of Decay DLC for Total War: Warhammer III.

This new DLC will add new content for the Empire, Nurgle, and Dwarfs. These include new legendary lords, battle units, and campaign features, among many others.

Check out the official announcement trailer for Thrones of Decay here:

For the Empire, the new DLC will add the Dark Lady of Nuln, Elspeth Von Draken, as well as campaign features such as the Imperial Gunnery School which will offer special unit upgrades. There’s also the Gardens of Morr which will provide instant travel to sacred sites taht can be established across friendly or neutral Empire settlements.

As for new units, the DLC will add the Marienburg Landship, Steam Tank Volley Gun, Nuln Ironsides, Hochland Long Rifles, and more.

Moving on to the Nurgle, the DLC will add Tamurkhan, the Maggot Lord. In the battlefield, Tamrukhan is a brutal tank that’s deadly in combat, and has the Feast of the Maggot Lord ability that deals life-sapping damage to the enemy upon his death.

Joining Tarmurkhan are units such as Kayzk the Befouled (Legendary Hero), the Chaos Lord of Nurgle (Lord), the Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle (Hero), Plague Ogres, Rot Knights, Toad Dragons, Pestigors, and Bile Trolls.

Finally, the Dwarfs will get Malakai Makaisson, the Slayer Engineer. Malaki’s armies march beneath the Spirit of Grungi, an airship that can upgrade on the move and can be called upon in battle.

Malakai’s arrival also comes with new units, including Garagrim Ironfist (Legendary Hero), Daemonslayer (Lord), Dragonslayer (Hero), Doomseekers, Goblin Hewer, Thunderbarge, Grudge Raker Thunderers and Slayer Pirates.

Total War: WARHAMMER III Thrones Of Decay will be released in Spring 2024. More info, including its official release date will be announced soon. Thrones of Decay’s contents will be available as a DLC pack or on an individual basis.