Garena and Kadokawa team up for a Free Fire anime adaptation

Garena's hit battle royale Free Fire is officially getting an anime.

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Garena and Kadokawa recently announced that an anime adaptation of the Free Fire battle royale mobile game is in the works.

Mobile games getting anime adaptations isn’t a new thing. After all, there’s the ongoing Blue Archive anime, not to mention that Demon Slayer and Fate studio ufotable is also working on a Genshin Impact anime.

What’s surprising is that Free Fire of all games is getting an adaptation. As a battle royale, the game doesn’t exactly have much of a story. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what the anime adaptation will be like.

For now, it’s only confirmed that KADOKAWA QINGYU (Kadokawa’s Shanghai branch) is handling production duties, with a Japanese anime studio set to work on the animation side. There’s no word yet on a specific studio or a release date though.

From left to right: (Garena) Harold Teo, Jason Ng / (KADOKAWA) Takashi Sensui, Shinya Kato

Free Fire has collaborated with other anime before such as Demon Slayer last year and One-Punch Man, so the game is no stranger to the world of animation. Plus, the fact that Free Fire doesn’t have an expansive story should give the creators a blank slate which can let them be creative with the story and the direction.

While it’s going to be a while before the anime gets released, you can download and play Free Fire right now on iOS and Android.