Nintendo confirms that the Switch successor is in the works

An official reveal of the "Switch 2" will be made within this fiscal year.

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After much speculation, Nintendo finally confirmed that the Switch successor is officially in the works, though it won’t be revealed just yet.

This was revealed via the official Nintendo X (formerly Twitter) account where an official statement was released in English and Japanese. There, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa acknowledged that the Switch successor is in the works, though it will not be shown at the upcoming Nintendo Direct this June. Instead, the focus will be on upcoming games for the Switch.

Still, while the “Switch 2” won’t be revealed anytime soon, Nintendo is confirmed to announce it within the fiscal year. given that the Nintendo fiscal year ends in March, we should see the Switch successor get an official reveal in early 2025 at the latest.

It may not seem that long since the Switch was announced, but the console was confirmed to be in the works in March 2015 — over nine years ago now. Plus, the console is already seven years old, with the last new Switch hardware configuration being the OLED model in 2021, so it’s definitely time for a follow-up.

There are no details yet regarding the Switch successor, though it will likely retain a similar portable/home console hybrid design like the original, especially considering how its hybrid nature has become one of the console’s biggest selling points.