Nintendo Museum to open in Kyoto later this year

Here's another reason to visit Kyoto!

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After Super Nintendo World became a huge hit, Nintendo announced that it is opening a museum in Kyoto in the fall this year.

While Nintendo did not make a new announcement through its social media pages or website, the museum has been in the works in 2021. The latest update for the museum comes courtesy of Nintendo’s latest financial report (via Anime News Network). There, more details about the museum, including a render were shared.

To be exact, this museum is located in Uji City which is just below the main city of Kyoto. It is set to open in Fall 2024, and from the looks of it, the museum will be more of a showcase of Nintendo’s history and product development instead of the more family-oriented theme park area in Universal Studios Japan.

Previously, the museum was the Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant where hanafuda and other playing cards were made. As most Nintendo fans know, the company started out as a company that manufactured playing cards before becoming the video game giant that it is today.

As this will focus more on Nintendo’s history along with its product philosophy, it’s likely going to focus more on the production side of things. Plus, it likely won’t be all about the company’s gaming side.

Still, as one of the most well-known video game companies in the world, this is no doubt going to be a must-visit for Nintendo fans who want to get a more history-focused look at the company.

Aside from the museum, Nintendo fans can also look forward to the announcement of the Switch successor as it is confirmed to be in the works and will be revealed soon.