realme CEO Sky Li announces return of GT Series

It looks like realme is bringing back the GT Series and kicking off the return with the GT 6!

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Sky Li, the Founder and CEO of realme recently announced the brand’s intention to disrupt the high-end market with its comeback of the GT series. In a Forbes interview, he expressed strong assurance in making a remarkable achievement in the high-end market. After a two-year hiatus, realme is armed with the conviction to excel in flagship products.

He reiterated the brand’s deep understanding of the young consumers, asserting that the upcoming realme GT 6 would exceed anticipated performance benchmarks. The comeback of the GT series is driven by the widespread global demand among realme users, with the brand not only leveraging its existing advantages in performance, but also sets its sights on substantial progress in the AI scene. With the consistent impressive results delivered by realme’s number series, it is believed that the return of the GT series will resonate with young users.

The realme GT 5G marked the inception of the GT Series and premiered in India on August 18, 2021 where it earned the prestigious title “Flagship Killer 2021” from acclaimed media sources.

realme Sky Li GT Series

realme GT 6T, credits: GSM Arena

The long-waited GT 6 is positioned as the “New Flagship Killer Powered by AI.” Aiming to surpass its predecessors by a large margin, bringing fresh vitality into a stagnant market. The GT Series, equipped with a set of cutting-edge technologies, is primed to shatter performance barriers across the board. Additionally, the new products in this lineup will be a perfect blend of state-of-the-art AI experience and advanced technology, 

AI is deemed to shake up the mobile phone industry and reshape the tech landscape. The emergence of the AIGC era promises to drive market expansion, ushering AI-enabled smartphones into a new phase of growth.

“The competition in the industry will shift from hardware alone to a combination of hardware, software, and overall technological capability. AI is becoming the next hotly contested spot, AI imaging, voice and interaction will be the three major trends on the future development of AI,” says Sky Li, in an insightful conversation with Forbes.

With the brand’s latest release, realme will be among the brands worldwide to pioneer and fully integrate cutting-edge AI technology into smartphones, prioritizing enhancements in imaging and daily efficiency tasks.

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