ASUS VivoBook S 14 Quick Impressions | An Office Beast

The new ASUS VivoBook series just might have your potential new partner in productivity!

As COMPUTEX 2024 was in full swing last week, ASUS proudly showcased new laptops in their popular VivoBook Series, one of which was the ASUS VivoBook S 14. Serving as a lineup of no-nonsense productivity machines, the VivoBook series has had quite the run. As they’ve incorporated CoPilot+ into their arsenal of new, AI-powered features, things could only get more interesting from here on out.

ASUS VivoBook

While crowded and abuzz with activity, the ASUS booth did give us a bit of access to sample their sweet devices–with the new ASUS VivoBook series all lined up for all to see. The VivoBook S 14 is thin and light, being only 1.3 kg and 13.9 mm while packing up to an Intel Core 9 Ultra processor with an NPU–which is all the rage nowadays thanks to its dedicated AI engine. Given the specs, it’s a compelling choice on its own for those who might look to skip its bigger, more bombastic stepsibling–the VivoBook Pro 15.

The Pro 15 isn’t new to the scene, but given how CoPilot+ is now part of the equation, it was nice to see its presence at COMPUTEX 2024. It sports the exact same processor, but ups the ante with an NVIDIA RTX 4060 GPU, MUX Switch included. Its 15.6″ 16:9 OLED HDR NanoEdge display has a 120 Hz refresh rate with 3K resolution.

It’s safe to say that the ASUS VivoBook S 14 will be more than capable to handle any daily tasks you throw at it. Gaming, at least in the triple-A territory, may be questionable, but given its monster of a processor, anything less demanding just might run smoothly. If they had Genshin Impact installed, we’re betting it would run without a hitch.

The incorporation of CoPilot+ is more than just a marketing strategy–it’s straight up helpful. The base version is capable enough of handling your AI-related problems, so you can rest assured that anything else would be trivialized. As for those who are dipping their toes or have yet to even test the waters of these AI-driven apps, you’ll have no problem getting acquainted to it.

We’re quite excited to see just how the VivoBook S 14 manages one’s day-to-day. Amongst the Zenbook and ProArt series laptops, it hits that sweet spot, right smack in between serious worker and budding content creator. As limited as our time was with the device, it definitely managed to pique our interest–and our fire up our anticipation.

For more information on the ASUS VivoBook series or any laptops featured at COMPUTEX 2024, check out the official ASUS website and Facebook page.