CAPCOM NEXT – Summer 2024 showcase happening next week

Capcom is showing off Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster and two other games at the upcoming event.

Capcom recently announced that it is holding its CAPCOM NEXT – SUMMER 2024 event on July 2, and it will feature showcases for three upcoming games.

Ahead of the stream though, Capcom revealed the release of Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster. This upcoming remaster of the 2006 action game will be released on the latest generation of consoles, complete with a new look. While not a lot of details were revealed, Capcom promises that more details will be shared on the upcoming event.

Here is the rundown of games that will be shown during the stream:

  • Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster
  • Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess
  • RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard for iPhone/iPad/Mac

Take note that aside from these three games, no other titles will be shown at the event. Thus, players shouldn’t expect new details about Capcom’s other highly anticipated upcoming titles like Monster Hunter Wilds or the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection.

The CAPCOM NEXT – SUMMER 2024 even twill go live on July 2 at 6 AM Philippine time. It will be a 25-minute event, meaning there should be plenty of details that will be shown for the three games in the lineup.

You can watch the stream here:

In related news, Capcom unveiled the Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection at Nintendo’s recent Direct.