For ASUS, AI means Always Incredible. Previews 2024 Ai-Devices

Always Incredible indeed, ASUS.

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Prior to COMPUTEX 2024 event proper, ASUS unveiled a slew of their AI-supported devices at their Always Incredible Press Event which happened yesterday, June 3, 2024. Focusing on CoPilot+, Microsoft’s AI platform aimed to help people gain access to everyday AI to more  advanced ones, the new PCs open a new category for advanced AI computing to flourish. According to the brand, these new devices offer up to 45+ TOPS NPU (Tera Operating System Neural Processing Units) designed to solve complex machine learning and artificial intelligence-related task.

For the uninitiated, think of the NPU as a network of problem solving data lines similar to how a human brain works when it’s trying to solve complex problems. Having up to 45+ TOPS NPU simply means the PCs are designed to process so much complex data at a very short amount of time.

Speaking at the event, ASUS Co-CEO Samson Hu underscored the company’s intent to lead the charge in driving the AI revolution: “To ensure our success, we’ve created our comprehensive Ubiquitous AI. Incredible Possibilities. AI Strategy, which is designed to weave AI into every aspect of our business, while also maintaining our commitment to sustainability.” He continued, “ASUS is helping lead the way to make AI accessible everywhere for everyone and make sure that everybody can benefit from the possibilities guaranteed by AI.”


Devices highlighted during the launch were the ASUS Zenbook S 16, one of the slimmest 16” laptops that we’ve seen currently which also has an ultra-premium feel because of the use of a new metal the geniuses at ASUS which they’re lovingly calling Ceraluminum™. It’s warping the Aluminum metal on the molecular state to create this ceramic-like structure but has the sturdiness (and lightness) of an aluminum frame. Despite its ultrathin design, it also delivers a huge leap in performance featuring up to the latest AMD Ryzen™ AI 9 HX 370 processor.

There are more models that were showcased like new TUF GAMING Laptops TUF A16 and TUF A14. Two stylish and portable gaming laptops packed with up to an AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-series GPUs aimed for immersive gaming on-the-go.

Then for professionals, new ASUS ProArt  series powered by CoPilot is in the works.  According to the brand, the new ProArt Laptops empower professionals to create better, faster, and pretty much anywhere life’s story takes them.  While the ProArt 16 and ProArt PX13 convertible laptop are powered by AMD Ryzen  AI 9 HX 390 professors and up to NVDIA RTX 4070 graphics, the ProArt PZ13 is powered by the new Ai- enabled Snapdragon X for truly mobile processing prowess.

 Ubiquitous AI. Incredible Possibilities.

With Ai being the key buzzword in today’s technology (and throughout the entire COMPUTEX 2024), ASUS is spearheading the AI revolution with a forward-thinking strategy encompassing every facet of its business.

It aims to simplify what Artificial Intelligence can do to help streamline your daily tasks, enhance and empower your creativity, or amplify your gaming experience through the use of ever-shifting computation analysis to streamline processes and make things better. And it doesn’t just stop with the new AI-supported chipsets powering these devices.

According to the brand, the heart of the strategy are enterprise solutions — notably robust AI servers that serve as the backbone for training and inference processes. Collaborating closely with ASUS subsidiary Taiwan Web Services (TWS), a leading cloud service provider, enables ASUS to offer end-to-end solutions encompassing hardware, enables ASUS to offer end-to-end solutions encompassing hardware, software, and computing power, providing comprehensive edge solutions in the market.

Then, there’s close collaboration with their existing partners like AMD, NVIDIA, Microsoft, and Qualcomm to deliver top-tier premium AI experiences across its whole product portfolio. What sets these new Ai-enhanced PCs would be the ability to would be the ability to process data natively on the device itself, enhancing the security privacy and security. This removes the extensive reliance to cloud-based services, keeping sensitive information away from potential breaches. Aside from the enhanced privacy and security, keeping the processing local enables faster responses and offline functionality, even in areas with poor internet connectivity. Now, that’s impressive.

Aside from this, there are several key software solutions aimed at budding or seasoned creators that were highlighted during the event. The first of these is StoryCube, an AI-based multimedia library curation solution that intelligently manages and categorizes assets to make retrieval highly efficient.

The next would be MuseTree, a generative AI tool well-suited for today’s creatives. While we have yet to truly test this out, the brand assures us that MuseTree aims to simply enhance and improve one’s creative process – and not overtake the artist at that.

ASUS understand that data security is imperative and AI could help improve on that as they introduce AI-assisted locks and AI-powered privacy features to these new cutting-edge devices. Adaptive Lock monitors the user’s presence via an ASUS AiSense IR Camera and locks the PC when the user is away, while Adaptive Dimming automatically dims the screen as the user turns away from the PC, safe guarding privacy and optimizing power efficiency as well.

We’ll be looking much more closely at the various Ai-enhanced devices from ASUS particularly the Zenbook S 16, the ProArt Laptop lines (especially the Snapdragon X-powered ProArt PZ13), and TUF Gaming A16 and A14 in the next coming days as we deliver more news on COMPUTEX 2024.

But for now, the age of Ai-assisted personal computing seems to be here and ASUS definitely seems like they’re really leading the charge. We can’t wait to see more!