Monster Hunter World and Iceborne are on sale now on Steam

Having Monster Hunter World and Iceborne save files will give you free goodies when Monster Hunter Wilds launches!

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Fresh after the reveal of Monster Hunter Wilds’ trailer, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne are on sale right on Steam.

Specifically, both games are on special offer on Steam with 67% off. Along with these two, other Monster Hunter games are also available with discounts of up to 75% off, including Monster Hunter Rise. On top of the main games, various DLCs are also part of the sale.

Even though the next Monster Hunter game is on the horizon, Monster Hunter World and Iceborne are still well worth experiencing for fans who haven’t played them yet. After all, these two are chock full of monsters to hunt and areas to explore. Not to mention that the next entry in the series is set to be released in 2025, meaning there’s still plenty of time to enjoy these.

In case that’s not enough to convince you, Monster Hunter Wilds players will get special bonus items if they have World or Iceborne save files on their PC. The bonuses include:

  • ‘Monster Hunter: World’ Save Data Bonus
    • Felyne Armor Set: Felyne Leather
    • Felyne Weapon: Felyne Acorn Spade
  • ‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’ Save Data Bonus
    • Felyne Armor Set: Felyne Duffel
    • Felyne Weapon: Felyne Trekker Peckaxe

Take note that you should progress a bit in both the base game and Iceborne to get these bonuses.

The Monster Hunter World and Iceborne offers along with the rest of the promos are available on Steam now until June 13, 2024.