realme Buds T110 Review | Geek Lifestyle

The realme Buds T110 bring some sweet ear candy for an affordable price!

It’s been a hot minute since realme launched some quality audio devices, so it came as quite the pleasant surprise when the realme Buds T110 came in. While mostly known for their premium smartphones, realme does release some decent earbuds, with the realme Buds T300 being a prime example. The straightforwardness and affordability are the main hooks here, and giving this newer version a spin is right up our alley.

Sporting 10mm Dynamic Bass Drivers, 88ms Super Low Latency, and up to 38-hour Total Playback Time, we’re looking at some pretty good specs on paper. Will it satisfy the audiophiles out there, or, at the very least, give the casual listener a decent soundtrack to their day-to-day? We were able to give these buds a test drive for a couple of weeks, and it’s best to read on to see how things went.


There’s beauty in the simplicity of the realme Buds T110. Coming in three colorways, Country Green, Punk Black, and Pop White, the latter landed on our lap. The pale, glossy clamshell case is resistant to fingerprints and has a hefty, premium feel when it comes to its weight. It swings open and snaps shut with ease with some secure magnets. Even after violently shaking, it never truly came undone. While it did swing open after enough force, it did clamp shut just as quickly thanks to the momentum. We don’t recommend you do this, though.

We’re getting comfier buds compared to the T300, at least in our opinion. The flat backs of the heads are easier to grip thanks to the edges, leaving no room for slippage. You get some swappable tips, but the default ones were snug enough. With IPX5 Water Resistance, you need not worry about rain or sweat, either. 

There really isn’t much to say in terms of the looks, and we’re pretty sure it’s the least of consumers’ concerns. Unless, of course, you’re actually jabbing spikes into your years.

Sound to Binge To

Now, those 10mm Dynamic Bass Drivers can definitely work–and work hard. Sporting a diaphragm made with PEEK + PU Composite material, you get a clear soundstage and some punchy bass. Not as punchy as the T300, though. This might be an issue for bassheads, but enjoyers of a more balanced sound can rejoice. With a maximum volume of 97dB, you can go all the way up. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. It’s perfectly fine by default.

It’s also worth noting that cranking the volume up too high will incorporate a lot of treble and sibilance. High pitches will become piercing, and cymbals and percussion will clash with the bass. It’s not a pleasant experience.

These buds also support 88ms super low latency. This means perfectly synced audio whenever you happen to be watching Netflix, or your favorite K-pop videos. Yes, we don’t have to worry about Karina and Winter looking like they’re suffering from bad ADR at their own performances. This was actually the case for some earbuds just a few years ago, so it’s great to see this much improvement in what’s supposedly affordable earbuds. You also get some decent AI 

Battery is rarely an issue, at least in our case. It’s also a force of habit for most to just plug in a charging cable every night–even if the battery level barely leaves the 90s. In any case, you’ll be relieved to know that each earbud has 40 mAh worth of battery life with up to 7 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. The case itself has a battery capacity of 460 mAh, so you’re good. In our case, it took us a couple of weeks to drain these buds. If you do need to top up, you can get two hours of playback with ten minutes of charging.

However, if you’re a consistent user, make sure to pack a power bank. You’ll never know.

Your Sound, Your Way

The realme Buds T110 connect seamlessly with the realme Link app and supports three different EQ modes including “Bright” which provides clearer vocals, “Balanced” for balanced bass and treble, and “Bass Boost” which is self-explanatory. The latter could muddy up the vocals just a bit, but it does make your ears pound. Quid pro quo. As mentioned earlier, going up to max volume will clash with whichever preset you use. So, make sure to keep the volume to a safe level if you don’t want snare drums slicing through the bass and into your eardrums.

You also get some pretty straightforward touch controls. You can customize them as you wish via the realme Link app.

The realme Link app also has a “game mode” which you can toggle on and off. The 88ms super low latency follows into your gameplay, so you can expect a very nice aural experience while playing. This low latency mode doesn’t work on iOS, though. Just take note.

With or without the realme Link app, you’re guaranteed decent audio. The presets are more for flavor, geared towards the more meticulous listeners. If you simply enjoy your Spotify playlists, no sweat, simply connecting via Bluetooth will be enough. 

Final Geek Lifestyle Verdict

If you’re a straightforward music enjoyer who yearns for the simplicity of connecting and playing, you’ll love the realme Buds T110. While not as ridiculously bass-heavy as most by default, it’s bass-heavy enough to get your blood running. The clear soundstage and super low latency are nice to have, and the realme Link app being easy enough to use this time around is the icing on the cake.

The realme Buds T110 are priced at PHP 1,399 with an early bird promo dropping it to PHP 1,199 on TikTok Shop and Lazada until June 20. As for Shopee, you can expect its availability by the 28th. It will also be available at all realme physical stores nationwide starting June 14.

For more information, check out realme’s official website and Facebook page.