realme Buds T300 Review | Geek Lifestyle

Heavy on the bass, easy on the budget.

As the last quarter of the year goes in full swing, realme decides to launch a slew of devices cap off 2023 with a bang. Alongside the stylishly classy realme 11 and realme Pad 2, we get the equally stunning realme Buds T300, a couple of earphones that bring a whole lot of sound, all around.

It’s quite the fun coincidence that all three devices can work harmoniously in realme’s ecosystem and it’s great that we were able to test drive the Buds T300 with some of our own delicious audio goodness. Given the aesthetics and the specs, just how good does it fare as daily drivers and how much bang for your buck do you get?


Right out of the box, we have a charging cable, a set of earbud tips for every size, and that’s pretty much it. Just the buds, just the cable, and just the tips. The stylish black colorway comes in a matte finish, while the inner shell sports a lighter cream color. As for whether or not you’ll be having any fingerprints, you don’t have to worry.

The body’s clamshell design has a good amount of heft, and the magnets securing the cover snap all snug and tight. Once inside, you’ll notice that the individual rear-cavity design for each bud offers a nice, comfy fit.

Sound to Binge To

Sporting 12.4mm Dynamic Bass Drivers, you get clear vocals, an immersive sound, and as the name clearly states—a whole lot of heart-pounding bass. This is further enhanced by Dolby Atmos support, giving you crystal-clear sound all around. Whether it’s music, movies, or anything that contains a good amount of audio, it’ll come through loud and clear.

When it comes to tracks that contain a bit more treble, you’ll still get great sounding experience. Just because these buds cater to more bass-heavy enthusiasts, it doesn’t mean it’s the end for anything in the high and midrange frequencies where sound would likely have more brilliance and crisp. That being said, putting on any blues, jazz, or even heavy EDM will definitely bring out the best in the realme Buds T300.

Now, surely you’re wondering how it fares outside of your home’s confines. The 30dB Active Noise Cancellation does its best to block out the world around you and provide clear, unadulterated audio. It’s by no means perfect, and you’ll likely hear it if someone tries to scream at you from nearby. Still, it’s sufficient enough to keep external sources from being intrusive towards your listening. Even with a bit of wind blowing, you won’t get thrown off while jamming to your favorite tracks.

Your Sound, Your Way

Of course, we can’t just limit usage to music and the like. What about movies, shows, and even gaming? You’ll be happy to know that based on our testing, there’s already a low level of latency baked into these buds. You won’t get any of those “lazy lip-synching” effects when watching your favorite anime, and you won’t experience any harrowing audio dips while playing your go-to mobile titles. Still, it’s far from anything that boasts zero-latency, so it’s best to act with caution if you’re using these buds for any professional recording tasks or serious bouts of esports.

Speaking of professional tasks, make no mistake. If duty calls, the realme Buds T300 can literally answer with some very effective Quad-Mic Call Noise Cancellation and 360 degree spatial audio. This is perfect for both work calls and online classes that require the utmost attention. It’s easy to connect, pair, and use seamlessly between work-related tasks and recreational activities.

It’s also worth noting that the realme buds T300 will be compatible with the realme Link app once we get a firmware update. This would supposedly give you access to more functions and customization options for the buds, including an even lower latency option. Nonetheless, it connects nice and easy thanks to Google Fast Pair and Bluetooth 5.3. As for battery life, you get  just about 40 hours of playback. If you do run out of power, just pop them back in the case for ten minutes, and you’ll have an extra 4 to 7 hours to spare

Final Geek Lifestyle Verdict

If you’re a basshead who doesn’t really mind the intricacies of the audiophile landscape, you’ll have a lot of fun with the realme Buds T300. With easy connectivity, comfort, and affordability, you have a pretty sweet deal on your hands.

Speaking of affordability, the realme Buds T300 are priced at PHP 1,599 and even lower as seasonal sales come rolling in. You can snag ’em for yourself at realme’s e-store, official Lazada store, Shopee store, and TikTok shop.