Tarisland is now live in SEA along with exclusive “Dragon Raid Bounty” event

A western-fantasy MMORPG packed with special content is available today!

It’s time for gamers who love MMORPG to join the fantasy world. Get ready for Tarisland, the newly released open-world online game launching today, June 21st, with a record-breaking 15 million pre-registered players. Tarisland launches with an exclusive event to all SEA players as well as a chance to win cash prizes! 


To commemorate this momentous launch, Tarisland debuts Season 0: Mystery of the Hollows which introduces a vast array of content for players including five 5-player dungeons, eight 10-player raid bosses, PvP arenas, and engaging open-world activities. Each class wields two specialized talent trees and eight ultimates, enabling players to forge distinct identities. 

The developers of Tarisland have also confirmed that the exclusive event called “Dragon Raid Bounty” also goes live with the game’s global launch today. The “Dragon Raid Bounty” event features over 100 influencers, KOLs, celebrities, and the top 100 guild leaders along with their members. They will all compete for a chance to win a $150,000 prize, which is exclusively for SEA players. 

Moreover, top SEA influencers will celebrate the launch of the game by participating in the “Tarisland Superstars” event on June 21st. Big names in gaming KOLs from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia will conduct live streams on launch day. This is your chance to join the game, find your favorite KOL, and form a team to play together. 

Here’s the list of your favorite SEA streamers who participated in Superstars event and their live streaming schedule : 

Additionally, Tarisland has started a special recruitment for everyone who’s interested in creating content for the game on YouTube or TikTok. There is a chance to win a total prize pool of USD $100,000 in rewards. Do not miss the opportunity to sign up for the content creator event!

Tarisland offers a diverse and immersive experience for every player. Enjoy compelling plots in this magical world, explore the mysterious world, and wipe out various Raid Bosses with friends.

Tarisland will bring you stunning graphics, exciting combat, and engaging storylines. In this extraordinary game world, you can meet like-minded friends, form teams, and conquer raids together. The possibilities are endless!


Enjoy features like co-op mode, free trade, solving puzzles, etc. Tarisland supports cross-play on PC, iOS, and Android, allowing you to play and share progress seamlessly. Meet up with your friends in the game anytime, anywhere, and enjoy a smooth gaming experience whether you’re at home or on the go. 


And after downloading the game, don’t forget to use the redemption code “PlayTarisland” to get a special reward! 

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