The First Slam Dunk is streaming on Disney+ Philippines this June

Great news, Slam Dunk fans!

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After its initial release last year and its return to cinemas during the Japan Film Festival back in January, Slam Dunk fans will be happy to know that The First Slam Dunk will finally be available to stream officially in the Philippines through Disney+.

Recently, the official Disney+ Philippines Facebook page revealed that The First Slam Dunk will be released on the platform on June 10, 2024. This is great news for fans who missed the film’s theatrical release in the PH, as well as for those itching to watch the movie again.

It wasn’t revealed what language the film will be streamed in, but it will likely come with the original Japanese dub and English subtitles. This is also the case with the film’s theatrical run in the country.

Given that the original Slam Dunk anime is available in the Philippines through Netflix, many expected the streaming giant to get the rights to The First Slam Dunk. Interestingly, Disney+ acquired the streaming rights instead, likely as part of its continued push to strengthen its anime lineup.

For those who are unfamiliar with the movie, this new Slam Dunk anime film is directed by series creator Takehiko Inoue, and it adapts the manga’s final arc, with Shohoku facing off against the powerhouse Sannoh.

Even though it’s made for long-time fans, even those who haven’t watched or read Slam Dunk can enjoy this film as it works quite well as a standalone story.

With the film’s box office success, we’re hoping that this means we’ll see more Slam Dunk projects in the future.