Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster coming to consoles and PC this September

Capcom's classic zombie action game is getting a remaster made with the RE Engine.

At the CAPCOM NEXT – Summer 2024 showcase, Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster got an official announcement trailer along with a September 2024 release date.

As a remaster, this new version of Dead Rising will feature the same gameplay as the original, though it is now made in Capcom’s RE Engine. Given this, it’s likely another game that straddles the line between a remaster and a full-on remake.

Thanks to the new engine, the game’s graphics are now rendered in 4K and 60 FPS on consoles, and it will have enhanced modeling and lighting, along with 3D audio support complete with remastered background music.

On the gameplay side, long-time fans can expect this to play mostly the same as the original, though it will feature some tuning to make it more accessible to new players.

Along with the game’s release date reveal, Capcom also announced that pre-orders for the game are available now. Each pre-order will come with three additional costumes for the main character Frank, along with new background music that comes with each costume.

The freebies include:

  • (1) Costume: ‘Frank West 2006’ (Dead Rising) BGM: ‘Dreams of Yore (Mall Music 2 arranged)’
  • (2) Costume: ‘Chuck Greene’ (Dead Rising 2) BGM: ‘Super Shopper’ (Dead Rising 2)
  • (3) Costume: ‘Willamette Parkview Mall Bee’ (Dead Rising) BGM: ‘Happy Flight! (Mall Music 6 arranged)'”

There’s also the game’s  Digital Deluxe edition which comes with the main game along with 17 unique costumes and BGM sets. Much like the pre-order bonuses, these Deluxe Edition Costumes will come with one corresponding BGM each that can be selected as background music within the shopping mall.

While these costumes haven’t been revealed yet, Capcom did share teasers which you can see here:

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on September 19, 2024.