Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Spider-Woman v Batgirl: Costume redesigns and trends for the new year

With a new year on the horizon, some changes are coming up in the world of comics. In fact, two familiar heroines from both Marvel and DC have gotten wardrobe upgrades... But do they look good or feel a bit out of place? Let's weigh in on the "hipster" fashion trend, and compare notes between Batgirl's second New 52 look, and the upcoming new costume for Spider-Woman post-Spider-Verse!

Spider-Verse: Things You Need To Know to get started on The...

Spider-Verse has officially kicked off, and just about every Spider-Man related character and alternate version of Peter Parker and beyond has a stake in trying to fight and survive the big common threat that's after their lives! That being said and if you're new to this EPIC Spidey crossover event, here are a few things that'll get you up to date on some things so you can be webslinging right away to read this AMAZING Marvel comic book event that sees "Every Spider-Man Ever" present!

Halloween Comic Fest and Spider-Verse to be celebrated in Fully Booked...

Happening this October 25th, Saturday, celebrate Halloween early and the upcoming mega-Spider-Man centered event called "Spider-Verse", as Halloween Comic Fest and "Look Out~! Here Comes The Spider-Verse!" at Fully Booked and Comic Odyssey at Bonifacio High Street, Global City!

Comic Book Review: Edge of Spider-Verse #2 – Meet Spider-Woman Gwen...

Hitting this week and already selling like crazy thanks to the introduction of the most unique Spider-Character yet, here's the review on the second issue of "Edge of Spider-Verse", which spotlights Gwen Stacy... Aka The Amazing Spider-Woman!
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