Tweet your support for your favorite house in Game of Thrones Season 6!


The new season of the Game of Thrones TV Series is just around the corner and HBO just release multiple teasers via the official Game of Thrones twitter. But these are not simple teasers of scenes.

Instead, they present the house banners, tattered and worn out as they are, with a short message of how the house currently stands, giving us a brief glimpse of what to expect. Reply to the tweet to pledge your support to your favorite house!

House Lannister

Shame! Shame! Shame! The High Sparrow says a few choice words to the people.

House Targaryen

Khaleesi gets mocked in the Dothraki tongue.

House Stark

It’s Bolton country now.

So with which house do you stand with? The new season seems to be full of excitement, intrigue and

struggles as the characters face the challenges ahead. Unless, they’re simply left lying down in the


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