5 Epic Darth Vader Collectible Figures


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    Darth Vader Collectible Figs

    So do you consider yourself a fan of the most popular and famous Sith Lord? If yes then you definitely have to check out these insanely epic Darth Vader collectible figures. Some of them are actually being sold locally already so you can easily head on over to Greenhills to shop for ’em (usually at the various toy stores in Shoppesville Plus 3rd Floor). The others are still in prototype stage so they’ll probably hit shelves early next year.

    Anyway, without further delay here are 5 epic Darth Vader collectible figures:

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    Darth Vader by Hybrid Metal Figuration

    Hybrid Metal Figuration is a series of “chibified” famous characters. They use a mix of metal and plastic for their figures which gives them a very premium look and feel. There are several shops already selling this in Greenhills. Prices range from Php4,000-Php5,000.

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    PS: We bought a Superman Hybrid Metal Figuration collectible. You can click here to read our review.

    Samurai Darth Vader by Bandai

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    Quite possibly one of the most kick ass variations of Darth Vader. This isn’t available yet though but there are a few local toy shops that are offering it on pre-order. We’re definitely going to get one!

    Darth Vader by Play Arts Kai

    We already wrote about this a few days ago. Play Arts is the merchandising arm of Square Enix and they’ve been racking up license contracts to do re-imagined figures for popular comics and movie characters. They’ve done a fantastic job with their DC Variant line and hopefully they will continue their success with the new Star Wars Variant line starting with Darth Vader.

    Darth Vader Mythos Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

    Now this one is just for the hardcore fans out there. The level of detail and quality is unquestionable but the price tag is, hehe. It’s actually available locally already. Just go to Maxi Collector. Not sure though if they still have units up for grabs as the hardcore collectors probably pre-ordered all the statues in advance.

    Darth Vader by Funko Pop

    Affordable, cute, and still reeking of the Dark Side of the Force. Lots of shops already offering this one.

    And that’s our list! If you guys have suggestions of nice Darth Vader figs, please do leave a comment below.

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