WATCH: Al Pacino’s Scarface reimagined in 8-Bit gaming form by Cinefix!

What happens when you cross Al Pacino's "Scarface" and retro gaming? Somthing that begs everyone to "Say Hello To My Little Friend!", as Cinefix creates a fine 8-Bit video game recreation of the classic 1983 Brian De Palma film!


If you remember Al Pacino¬†and one of his signature roles as Cuban immigrant drug lord and gangster Tony Montana, then you’ll remember well Brian De Palma’s cult classic 1983 remake of the film “Scarface“, which saw the Academy Award winning actor in a role that was crazy, ruthless, and downright iconic for a crime drama film.


Now, imagine the entire story of Scarface being a video game… In 8-Bit form no less.


In what is truly a creative way to reinterpret the movie in retro gaming form, Cinefix has this near 3-minute video of “Scarface” being played ala 2D platform/ Double Dragon style, with the graphics and sprites to compliment things. Tony Montana’s road to success and destruction is highlighted by various moments from the film, recreated of course in 8-bit fashion that must be watched and seen.


So “Say Hello To My Little Friend” and watch the awesome Cinefix presentation!