E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake CONFIRMED and coming first to Playstation 4

After years of rumors and speculation whether it would actually happen or not, Square Enix finally dropped the bombshell during Sony's Press Conference at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo - THE FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE IS HAPPENING, and will come first to Playstation!


After so many years of wishing, teasing, and even actual trolling during last year’s Playstation Experience event… “The Promise Has Been Made“.

If that sounds cryptic and if the title didn’t already tip you off, then probably this trailer¬†WILL:

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, gamers of all ages… SQUARE ENIX IS MAKING A FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE FOR REAL.


Showcasing this cinematic revelation after leaked reports and rumors actually suggested it would make its debut on this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, the publisher debuted this trailer during Sony’s E3 Press Conference event to the shock, amusement, and even tears of fans worldwide. Many have been pleading for a remake of this 1997 Japanese Role-Playing Game masterpiece for A LONG TIME… And 18 years later… THE WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED.


The High-Definition Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming to first to Playstation 4. It will be directed by Tetsuya Nomura and produced by Yoshinori Kitase, with no specified release date given at this point yet.