NEW Superpower Beatdown: Joker/Harley vs Deadpool/Domino


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    With fresh #SDCC news flowing in and me in the middle of my Arkham Knight playthrough, this Superpower Beatdown by Bat In the Sun is a welcome addition to all things geeky!

    On one hand we have the Clown Prince of Crime and his sexy cohort, Harleen Quinzel  (Harley Quinn); and on the Marvel-side of the spectrum we have deranged mutant anti-hero Deadpool and Domino.

    What Joker and Harley lack in technical know-how and combat & weapons-training they make up for Crazy and believe me the clip shows how deranged those two are. Well, that’s not to say that Deadpool isn’t off-the-wall wacko as well. Hehehe.

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    Deadpool breaks the 4th wall and waves to the fans. #Groupfie!
    Deadpool breaks the 4th wall and waves to the fans. #Groupfie!


    Bat In The Sun has been doing amazing geek battles for quite some time it’s still a mystery why Hollywood isn’t tapping them! Seriously, studio heads, take note! The attention to detail in this clip is just absolutely brilliant! And while I’m not happy with the result of the fight, this is just one fun clip to watch that the ending didn’t really bother me as much (unlike the Batman versus Darth Vader episode).

    See for yourselves…

    So, do you agree with the results? Let us know in the comment section below! 🙂 Let’s have a little Marvel VS DC discussion down here (but keep it civil and fun, guys!). 😀

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