Yup! He’s done it again. The Merc-with-a-Mouth, Deadpool, has successfully invaded Mickey Mouse property (well-sorta)*. With his super ability to break the 4th wall (more than the healing factor — we feel this is his true superpower), Deadpool in the wee hours of the morning snuck up and got hold of MCU’s FB Page.

Hola, I will be answering your questions for today.
Hola, I will be answering your questions for today.

If you’ve never seen the many trailers for Deadpool (what the hell is wrong with you?), you may want to know that the movie is full of expletives. And because that’s pretty much Deadpool’s character, you can find a whole lot of swearing when he took over the kid-friendly site. It’s hilarious as ***k, but hey, it is Deadpool!

Bleeping Bleep!
Bleeping Bleep!

The great thing about this, aside from the fact that Deadpool successfully invading a Marvel-owned medium, is the fact that because part of his character does break the 4th wall, he can comment on anything and everything that’s accessible to him — even DC properties. Want proof? Check this out:

Deadpool's Dick Pic! O_O
Deadpool’s Dick Pic! O_O

All in all, the effort should convince naysayers to check the movie out (it’s been out since Wednesday folks, and yes, it’s a cool Vday movie to catch with your girl, or your man, or your dog — if they allow that). Also do drop by the MCU FB thread! Deadpool’s reply to a lot of questions and statements have me laughing since 10am. Check it out and enjoy! 😀

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*The Marvel Cinematic Universe FB Community page isn’t officially affiliated with Marvel or Disney. Still at 553K followers, it’s a massive avenue to promote MCU movies, and from a quick check it seems they only promote MCU movies — except for Deadpool (cause you know, he hacked the site and all :p).


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