Gaming Mouse and Keyboard GIVEAWAY as GAMDIAS comes to the Philippines!

In celebration of the GAMDIAS debut in the Philippines, we’re raffling off this nifty Gaming Mouse and Keyboard bundle!

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You know that video gaming is on the rise when more and more companies are investing and churning out gaming peripherals for the community. Heck, it wasn’t too long ago when the only gaming mice there are were Razer and Steelseries. And even while these two will be on top of every gamer’s wish list, there’s this thing called price point that we all have to contend with.

Gamdias omnibus



Luckily, with gaming on the rise (as evidenced by massive eSports events being hosted in our country), a lot of new brands are dipping into the gamer gear side of things. Enter GAMDIAS, a fairly new gaming apparel company dedicated in bridging the gap between high-end (aka high-priced) and low-end (aka budget/affordable) gaming devices.


Gamdias executive

GAMDIAS executive, Philip Pu explains their marketing thrust in the Philippines.

GAMDIAS met with a bunch of tech and geek media and bloggers last May 21, 2016 to discuss their marketing and business strategy in the Philippines. The presentation focused on the peripherals that they will be bringing here, the tiers and pricing, and what they plan to do to expand their presence in the gaming community.

Hermes , Zeus, Hephaestus (Gamdias names their products after Greek Gods and Goddesses)

HermesRGB , Zeus, Hephaestus (GAMDIAS names their products after Greek Gods and Goddesses)


What caught our attention when we entered the venue was the multi-colored RGB gaming keyboard, Hermes RGB.



Priced at Php 6,690 this beautiful equipment features the following:

Hermes RGB
-15.3 million colors and customization lighting effects
– 32-bit ARM(r) Cortex TM-M3 Microprocessor
– Storage of up to 6 profiles on the keyboard
– Integral wrist rest for gaming comfort
– Full mechanical keyboards
What gaming peripheral would be without cool sounds to accompany you while you blast away at your enemies and/or coordinate tactics clearly with your team mate as you try to capture the point at that damned Temple of Anubis map in Overwatch!
Price: Php 3,990
-7.1 virtual surround sounds
– Ear cup vibrate to help pinpoint the source when detecting a blast
– Cooler system built-in aluminum heat sink for optimal temperature control
– Leather headband & ear pads
– Active Noise cancellation microphone. Filters out unwanted noise signal for clear message to teammates.
– Flexible mic boom
If you feel that the monstrous 7.1 virtual surround sounds gaming headset, Hephaestus is a bit, well, unwieldy, then the more streamlined and sleeker-designed EROS might be your thing.
Eros Lite 3.5MM
Price: Php 3,290
– Stereo Gaming Headset
– Smart controller
– Featherweight Headband
– Detachable Microphone and Flexible Mic Arm
– Unidirectional Mic Boom
– Large 50mm drivers provide perfect sound effects and rich bass
 You know you’re a gamer when a measly mouse from CD-R King just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Gaming mouse requires that the peripheral can be adjusted and calibrated for exact speed and sensitivity and that it gives that nice ominous gaming glow. :3 Zeus is GAMDIAS’s top-the-line offering giving you that and so much more.

Gamdias Zeus Laser Gaming Mouse


ZEUS Laser Gaming Mouse

Tracking Method:  Advanced Gaming Laser Sensor
Dimension(LxWxH): 127.14 x 84.46 x 43.2 mm
Weight: 154g~176.5g
Keys: 11 Keys
Resolution: Up to 8200 DPI
Polling Rate: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz
Built-in Memory: 512KB
Weight System: Yes (4.5g x5)
Switch Lifecycle: 11 Million
USB Cable Length: 2m (Braided Cable with Gold-plated USB Connector)

It’s a welcome sight to see that more companies are focusing on gaming peripherals and the gaming community at large. More competition for these brands mean more options for us gamers and that could also lead to us getting better prices all around. So, hooray!


In celebration of the GAMDIAS debut in the Philippines, we’re raffling off this nifty Gaming Mouse and Keyboard bundle! For a mouse and keyboard combo retailing for just under 1000 pesos, the guys at GAMDIAS really placed a lot of thought on additional features that would be beneficial for gamers (like the quick liquid drainage on the keyboard to ensure that any liquid spill won’t destroy the whole chasis. Oh, and did I mention that both the keyboard and the mouse have LED backlights? :D).

ARES V2 Essential combo


Anyway, to join the raffle all you have to do is share this article on your timeline, Use the Hashtags #UngeekPHGiveaway and #ungeekgamdiasgiveaway, and tell us what game/s you would be using the ARES V2 ESSENTIAL COMB with? We’ll be picking the winner on Tuesday, June 7. We’ll stop accepting entries by June 6, 2016 at 11:59pm.

We’re looking forward to your posts! For more info on GAMDIAS, you can check them out at WWW.GAMDIAS.COM and give the folks a LIKE on their official Facebook page.