SEGA Company of Heroes 3
SEGA Company of Heroes 3

    [Recap] What’s New with Dead of Winter: The Long Night


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    Reunite in Seal M

    As we mentioned in a previous article, if you’re in the Philippines, you can start enjoying Dead of Winter: The Long Night as early as TOMORROW! Gaming Library and Plaid Hat Games are bringing you a special Pre-Release event called The Long Night Zombie Party – a zombie apocalypse-themed event with various activities and prizes in celebration of Dead of Winter: The Long Night.

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    But what exactly is new with the game? How is it different from the original one? We take a sneak peek through this episode of Watch it Played to find out what new goodies are in-store for us:

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    So let’s summarize the 3 main modules that make the game different:


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    Improvements are add-ons you can place to improve your colony. You are dealt 4 Improvement card options. Each of these cards will have a number of ADVANCEMENT TOKENS it needs to be completed as well as an additional effect you could do. Certain effects in the game will trigger the placement of Advancement Tokens on Improvement Cards. Once the needed number of tokens are met, place the card or its respective token to the center of the colony and deal another Improvement Card option.

    Improvement cards can do awesome things that can really have an impact on your gameplay like add morale or remove despair or added defenses to kill zombies. It’s definitely a nice touch!



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    Bandits are tokens added to the player areas of locations during the REVEAL CRISIS phase, adding 1 per location given (location 1 -6). Bandits are designed to make life a harder for your survivors as they are able to:

    • Take a place in a location making you unable to occupy that place
    • Make Zombies spawn more in a location BECAUSE they add to the player count there by 1 per Bandit
    • They drain search cards from the location they’re in and place them in the Bandit Hideout Stockpile, sapping a location of items that the survivors can get

    You can go to their hideout to try and get the items back but it comes with certain risks (as elaborated by the rules on the Bandit Hideout Location Board)

    On the plus side, if you EVER become the first exiled and you weren’t the betrayer, you get to become LEADER OF THE BANDITS where you get control of where Bandits spawn and they get a card from the Bandit Hideout Stockpile once per round.



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    Like how Umbrella is to Resident Evil, Raxxon Pharmaceuticals is to Dead of Winter: The Long Night. Raxxon contains awesome treasures and crazy game-changing items but they also spawn Special Zombies. These special Zombies are TOUGH and will prove to be a challenge for you to get rid of and, at times, will make it difficult for you to advance with your objectives.


    There’s sooo many new things to spice up your Dead of Winter Gameplay and we simply cannot wait to get our hands on the game! If you can’t wait either, just come on by to DyceNDyne tomorrow (August 5, Friday, 7:00pm – 5:00am) and join The Long Night Zombie Party! On that special day, you’ll be able to buy and take home Dead of Winter: The Long Night right there and then – almost 3 weeks before Global Launch! REGISTER NOW and get your hands on this awesome boardgame!


    Images taken from Watch It Played

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