Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Cult of the New: SeaFall Boardgame Makes a Landing on Philippine...

We'll give ye landlubbers a quick rundown of the game that just might send shivers up yer timbers. Savvy?

The Long Night Zombie Party celebrates the PH Arrival of Dead...

On August 5, Gaming Library, in partnership with Plaid Hat Games, held the Long Night Zombie Party in Dyce N Dyne to celebrate the first arrival of Dead of Winter: The Long Night here in the Philippines! In case you missed it, here are the highlights of this milestone event.

[Recap] What’s New with Dead of Winter: The Long Night

As we mentioned in a previous article, if you're in the Philippines, you can start enjoying Dead of Winter: The Long Night as early as TOMORROW! Gaming Library and Plaid Hat Games are bringing you a special Pre-Release event called The Long Night Zombie Party - a zombie apocalypse-themed event with various activities and prizes in celebration of Dead of Winter: The Long Night.

Be One of the First in the World to Enjoy Dead...

The highly anticipated boardgame, DEAD OF WINTER: THE LONG NIGHT, is nearing it's global release date of August 23... BUT did you know that there's a way for you to be able to enjoy the game as early as NEXT WEEK!?

New Teaser Video for The Long Night and a Closer Look...

Plaid Hat Games released a teaser for their upcoming expansion Dead of Winter: The Long Night and it looks great!

Spotted! First Picture of Dead of Winter’s First Expansion!

Just one week after the official announcement of Dead of Winter's first upcoming expansion, The Long Night, a picture of the box on a shelf has surfaced!

Seafall, from the creator of Pandemic: Legacy, is finally heading to...

The much anticipated Legacy game of designer, Rob Daviau, is finally headed to the presses. And this time it’s for real.
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