Nomad’s Place Airbnb: One Can Never Have Too Much Waifus!

In case you need to be reminded that you're in Japan. Every wall in this place screams anime (well anime waifus to be more exact! :p)

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Attending the Tokyo Game Show 2016 was a game-changer for It was our first international con and we’re going pretty much to the heart of videogame and anime land, Japan.



While looking for a reasonable place to stay (because we didn’t want to book at 3 to 5 star hotels) we stumbled upon this intriguing little apartment somewhere along the fringes of Chiba prefacture. More than the very reasonable price of paying only Php 18,000 (16,000++ after using previous Airbnb discounts) for 3 people over the course of 6 days, this quaint little establishment that sits cozily on a quaint little suburb has this to show for on the inside:



photo from Airbnb



∑(O_O;) ~ ohh haroo, waifus




If you need daily reminder that you’re in Japan, the wallpapers of anime women in submissive poses would do the trick.

Every single area of this cozy studio unit has an image of an anime girl laying around and about. Hehe. But that’s not to say that the amenities aren’t complete or that services aren’t quick and responsive.

In fact when we got lost during the first day, our host, Maiko, took the time to meet with us on a different train platform and guide us back to the coziness of our anime waifus.

The waifus welcome you back from your long and arduous journey!

The waifus welcome you back from your long and arduous journey!

While some may feel that the wallpaper or bed sheet cover or curtains seem a bit tacky, the unit is one of the best Airbnb places we’ve been to (complete toiletries minus toothbrush and toothpaste and enough stacks of towels to last you a week). The neighborhood is amazing as well.

Right beside our unit sits a community-based Yakitori place which we never got the actual name (unfortunately). We just lovingly decided to call the place after the proprietor, Yakitori Obasan (or Yakitori Grandma). We know, that’s not her real name but hey, it works and she’s fine that we call it that.



Ridiculously cheap for the quality of the food!

Conversing is hard if you don’t know basic Japanese but that’s where Google translate comes in.

Right across her place sits a Ramen shop that serves the absolutely (and unequivocally) best Gyoza your palette will ever taste.


Move over Ippudo, Bro-nichan’s Gyozas are ridiculously good!


The ramen would put any high-end Ramen chain around the city to shame (I’m looking at you Ichiran). The ramen here is god-like!

Move over Ichiran, Ippudo, Ramen Nagi and whatever (higher-end) Ramen Place out there.

Ichiran, Ippudo, Ramen Nagi and whatever (higher-end) ramen places out there got nothing over Ramen Sensei’s Shop!

So since we don’t know the place as well, we lovingly started calling the place Ramen Sensei’s Shop. I mean he has Gyoza Bro-nichan to help him with stuff as well. Yes, we’re idiots, we know. :p


Weekday mornings are amazing in this vicinity as it is void of the usual hustle and bustle of people. The pace is a bit more relaxed than Tokyo proper and sometimes after going around the city, a nice quiet evening and a serene and tranquil morning is the best respites that you can give yourself to your vacation travels.

All in all if you’re looking for an amazing alternative place to stay when you visit Tokyo and want to enrich the experience altogether, book your stay at Nomad’s Place Airbnb!

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