The PlayStation 4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition Is the ONLY PS4 Slim Bundle You Should Buy!

Now, getting a PlayStation 4 Pro seems like a much harder decision. Thanks PS4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition. :|

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If you’re considering getting a PS4 just for Final Fantasy XV (or considering getting a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim) then you may want to save up for this instead:



The PlayStation 4 Slim Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition bundles a custom 1TB PS4 Slim with the standard game come this November 29, 2016 in limited quantities

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We got a closer look at this gorgeous unit at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 and quite honestly I’m torn between upgrading my old PS4 to this or get the Pro. Why? Cause. It. Is. Pretty!


You are gold!

You are gold!

The PS4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition does away with the matte black of the PS4 Slim and instead uses a dull piano black to add more shine to the top. The unique moon design — a key motif of the game — is printed on the underlying surface while the game’s text logo, in shiny gold, is printed on the center along with names of the four main characters. The unique grey paint used on the moon motif bounces off lights when viewed from various angles adding a more luxe feel to the unit.


Subtle but elegant

Subtle but elegant

The new DUAL SHOCK controller also gets a slight design upgrade with the inclusion of the royal grey “XV” icon printed on the grip.


It's also ridiculously hard to shoot. T_T (Sorry for the glare)

It’s pretty, but it’s also ridiculously hard to shoot. T_T (Sorry for the glare)

Overall the design, while subtle, conveys the elegance, class, and royalty of the Kingdom of Lucis — where Prince Noctis, the game’s main protagonist hails from.

If you want to see more of the PS4 FFXV Luna Edition, here’s a video from our sister site, (skip to 0:59 for the PS4 FFXV Luna Edition):


The PlayStation 4 Slim Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition has a suggested retail price of Php 21,400 or about the same (if not slightly cheaper) price of a 1TB PS4 Slim (Php 18,900) and the standard FFXV Game (Php 2,999). So if you’re considering buying a 1TB PS4 anyway, I suggest you pester your nearest PlayStation retailer and signup for pre-orders.


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