#RelationshipGoals: Married Couple Wins Halloween with Overwatch Costumes!


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    Reunite in Seal M
    Mel as D.Va and Jet as Soldier 76

    Nerf This!

    Meet Mel and Jet! A married couple who currently live in California. I get to game with these guys when schedule permits and this gaming power couple are pretty bad ass. Ever since Overwatch came out, they’ve been investing a lot of time into the FPS by Blizzard and it shows! They’ve massively outranked me in both seasons and in actual levels too. This season Mel currently sits at Platinum, while Jet is at Diamond. Let’s not talk about what rank I currently sit in. *cries*


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    This past Halloween, the couple decided to show some love for the game that’s given them hours and hours of quality time together by dressing up as their mains, D.Va and Soldier 76! While I’m pretty sure that their costumes were ordered online via Amazon (Mel and Jet, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. XD), that doesn’t stop the team at UnGeek from giving a collective “D’aaws” plus show signs of envy that there are couples who get to bond over their favorite games. If that wasn’t enough to make all you dudes envious, I should also mention that Mel does awesome covers of tunes from some of your favorite games. Seryoso lang! NERF THIS!

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    If you’ve got your own Geek #RelationshipGoals to share, leave ’em in the comment section! We’d love to hear from you guys!

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    Jamie Inocian
    Jamie Inocian
    Digital Sales Manager of Unbox by day, All-around Geek by night... and day.


    1. I really like ate mel even from the start and now that he has a husband.. I like them more better. ^_^ im glad i meet know them heheh


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