Exclusive on Nintendo Switch is the New Bomberman game, ‘Super Bomberman R’

Bomberman is back as "Super Bomberman R" and will be released EXCLUSIVELY for Nintendo Switch on March 2017!

On its 33rd game anniversary year, Nintendo announced the release of the upcoming Bomberman game entitled “Super Bomberman R”, and will be available exclusively in Nintendo Switch.

Super Bomberman R is the modern take on classic Bomberman, where he drops bombs to find the exit and evade his nemesis, but this time it will be 3D stages and photo-real graphics.

Here are the key features of the Super Bomberman R:

  • 3D stages with dynamic environments
  • Playable characters includes Bomberman’s siblings, and well-known enemies are back with rich personality
  • Enriched story with all-star voice actors
  • 2 game modes: Story and Battle
  • Battle mode for maximum of 8 players, local connection battles, and online battles


Check out the Super Bomberman R teaser trailer here:


Battle Mode – 8 Players

In Battle Mode, up to eight players PvP mode can join to compete online or via  local multiplayer. Such a fun and interactive take on the classic gameplay of Bomberman. Just be careful, with more players probability of getting trapped with bombs is quite high!


Story Mode – 2 Players

Super Bomberman R also features the classic Story Mode for one or two players. Story Mode includes 50-stages, and expect enriched story telling featuring prominent voice actors. Also in Story Mode, players can earn gems which can be used to unlock cosmetic enhancements. Sweet!


Boss Battles in Story Mode

Expect nothing less with epic boss battles, which will be featured in Story Mode.

Excited to play? You’re in luck! In less than 50 days, Super BomberMan R will available for sale on March 3, same day release of the Nintendo Switch.