‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ Released Today! | Day 1 Patch Details Revealed

Experience the new era of horror, 'Resident Evil 7' is now available in PS4 (including PS4 Pro and PS VR), Xbox One, and PC.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

RE fans rejoice!  Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (RE7) is now out!

The much anticipated survival horror video game by Capcom introduces the first-person perspective and VR support for PlayStation VR, bringing the franchise into a new era of thrillingly immersive horror.


The game begins after the events of Resident Evil 6. The main protagonist, Ethan, is searching for his missing wife, which leads him to a derelict plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana, which is also home to the mysterious Baker family.

The Baker Family


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is now available for PS4 (including PS4 Pro and PS VR),  Xbox One, and PC. There is also a Deluxe Edition for the game which includes the main game and Season Pass for DLC of the following content:

  • Banned Footage Vol. 1
    • Nightmare
    • Bedroom
    • Ethan Must Die
  • Banned Footage Vol. 2
    • 21
    • Daughters
    • Jack’s 55th Birthday
  • Additional Story Episode

Note: Each additional content will be released in order, following the release of the main game. Content is subject to change.


It was also reported that a Day 1 Patch (1.0.1) will also be available (courtesy of GenGamingwhich will include the following:

  • Add-on support 
  • Notifications of new additional chapters
  • Fixed certain bugs and issues
  • New Trophies added
    • Dead By Dawn? – Complete Nightmare. – Bronze
    • Sleepless In Dulvey – Complete Night Terror – Silver
    • Like Mama Used To Make – Complete Bedroom – Bronze
    • Ratcatcher – Find all the dead rats in Bedroom in a single play – Silver
    • Ethan Never Dies – Complete Ethan Must Die – Gold

Surprisingly, the Day 1 Patch is only 806.2 MB!

Wanna get a feel for the horror and intensity of RE7? Here’s a gameplay of our Resident Evil Beginning Hour (Demo) via the PlayStation VR!


Get a copy ofResident Evil 7: Biohazard” today! You can also download it via PlayStation Store, Steam, or the Xbox Store.

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