Purrrfect start to the Festivities! Kuching breaks World Records!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Meeyowww! What a way to start the 3rd Edition of the ASEAN International Film Festival & Awards (AIFFA) than with a world-breaking record of the most number of cat costumed people congregating in one area.

    Congratulations, Kuching! Guinness World Records adjudicator Hoda Khachab hands the plaque over.

    They say that cats bring forth luck and prosperity (hence the lucky cat statues proliferating almost all oriental and Chinese stores). If that’s the case, consider AIFFA 2017 as SUPER lucky with 440 cat costumed individuals flocked the Kuching Ampitheater yesterday (May 4) beating the previous record holder of 250 cat costumed individuals! That’s almost double the size!

    When in Rome do as the Romans do, they say, and that’s what we tried to do here at Kuching for the Festival kick-off! Here’s us trying our darnest to be best kitty version we can be!

    (L-R) Producer Shandii Bacolod, Me with Morgana, Journalist Pillar Mateo
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    Okay, it’s not strictly a costume, but that’s good enough to at least show support!

    PLUS, look guys, MORGANA (or Mona as he’d like to be called inside the Metaverse).

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    While ours was a poor attempt to try and be included in the count (we didn’t except for Pillar Mateo – she was legit, yo!), there are a lot of crazy cat costumed people that really went all out in their transformation. Check some of it out:

    A sea of cat onesies

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    Aside from breaking this world record, Kuching’s kick-off of the AIFFA 2017 was also the venue for when the city broke another Guinness World Record by creating a 28-inch wide and 1128.272 meter long Rotan Mat sprawled across the Amphitheater! This traditionally weaved mat was handcrafted by around 400 Orang Ulu master weavers from Baram, Murum and Belaga.

    Image from AIFFA’s FB page. And yes, this looped around the area TWICE!

    This is just the opening act for the AIFFA 2017 and more activities await us in the coming days!

    Keep it glued here for more AIFFA 2017 updates.

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    * All Photos (unless otherwise stated) were taken with the ZenFone 3 Zoom.



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