Five Awesome Merch Finds at APCC 2017!

Shut up and take mah money (whatever's left of it at least)!

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If you’ve been living under a rock, then chances are you missed out on one of the biggest popculture conventions this side of town, the Asia Pop Comicon 2017! 3 days worth of geeky goodness took the SMX Convention Center by storm and from the AWESOME Netflix experience to the CAGE cosplay competition, the venue was jam-packed with people who were tired but have had their fill of a great time that only APCC 2017 can bring. Ungeek was at the event and we scoured the booths for some cool things that you may have missed out on! Let’s check them out!


I mean, really, who doesn’t LOVE lightsabers? Take a peek into Saber Source and get to live your out your very own Star Wars fantasy as you hear every swing and clash. These aren’t your run of the mill replica lightsabers, these are well built and expertly crafted and is suited for those mock battles that will make you feel like the force is truly with you. Prices range from around the 6,000-10,000 php range depending on the model and color you choose and if you were lucky enough to snag one during APCC, they even gave customers a cool discount!




You can’t have enough geeky things that’s for sure but ¬†where exactly do you store all of your goods? Well Geek Universe is here to hook you up with some awesome and stylish bags as well as wallets that is sure to make your friends green with envy! Backpacks galore as you can choose to be either a Pokemon trainer or a Rebel Alliance pilot and in case you need someone to guard your hard earned cash, you can choose the Ryu, Goku, or Superman themed wallets too!





What better time to don a stylish jacket or hoodie? It’s been raining cats and dogs recently and to keep you safe from the bad weather, how about a D.Va or a Soldier76 themed jacket? Or if you’re feeling stealthy, maybe some Assassins Creed inspired threads? Perry in Disguise has got you covered, with a ton of designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to be representing your fandom and look good at the same time without breaking the bank!





Who says businessmen and professionals can’t be geeky too? Cross, one of the well known writing instrument brands, has released a few designs that may tickle our fancy. We’ve got Marvel inspired pens, Star Wars designed pens with those cute little emblems, and even journals too! This way, you can stay classy AND geeky at the same time!




Toys and collectibles aren’t new to conventions like this. In fact, it’s already expected, but amidst the sea of Funko Pops and Figmas stand a shop that deals with the more premium side of things. Anotoys Collectibles are pretty new to the scene but their love for the industry cannot be questioned. Instead of joining in on the current state of the toy market, they decided to take things a bit differently and cater to the really hardcore (and relatively rich) crowd with their toy offerings, ranging from figures that not only look real, they better taste real too with the amount of money each figure costs!


APCC2017 was a blast and in between all the celebrity and international guest sightings, we also had fun going around the different booths on display and checking out all the geeky offerings in store for us. Share your APCC hauls with us in the comments section below!


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