Not to be outdone, Local Geek Artists exhibit their World Class Skills! | APCC 2017 Spotlight

Just keep drawing!

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The Philippines is home to a whole host of wonderful talent. Be it in real life or in geek life, Filipino talent is one of the best in the world and during the AsiaPOP Comicon 2017, the spotlight shone bright on our local artists who have made a name for themselves, with the likes of Carlo Pagulayan and Kevin Tolibao showcasing their incredible talent to their adoring fans. Through hardwork and dedication to their craft, they have proven that we can indeed succeed at the international stage if we set our minds to it.


An international star by the name of Stanley Lau, also known as Artgerm, graced APCC 2017 with his brand of art that was truly one of a kind. He was also able to take the stage for a workshop that showcased not just his works but also his story to success. Tens and thousands of geeks were admittedly to using a lot of his artworks as their device wallpapers because they just looked so damn good!


These world class artists have undoubtedly served as inspirations to budding local talent. Hence, we checked out a couple of particular artists who could very well be on their path to maybe being the next Artgerm!


Serafleur, also known as Abigail Diaz,┬áis a self taught Filipina artist that caught our eye. Her soft and colorful artworks are a sight to behold and these images don’t really do justice to the quality and detail of the prints. It’s quite mind boggling to know that someone who is self taught can achieve such great results and if she can do it, hey guess what, you can too! Do check out some of her online works as well!


Art Alliance’s Ingrid Tan was another artist that had a horde of people lining up to buy prints from her! We noticed a pool of people lining up around a certain booth and as we looked closer, we were immediately taken aback by the quality artwork sprawled on the table. The attention to detail was great and her portraits had their own style and character that was uniquely hers.



There were a LOT of artists out there who have the potential to make it big and big props to APCC for bringing these talents front and center! We definitely had a blast and of course we just had to support these artists by purchasing a few prints that tickled our fancy.


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