Dragon Ball Super: Has Vegeta Unlocked Ultra Instinct Already?

By Reddit user Trever09
By Reddit user Trever09

In episode 109-110 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku was able to ascend one more time by activating “Ultra Instinct”. It’s one notch higher than Super Saiyan Blue and it allowed him to go toe-to-toe with Universe 11’s Jiren. However it only lasted a few minutes and Jiren dominated the Saiyan again. Everyone watching the fight was shocked to see Goku’s transformation with Whis even saying that even Gods of Destruction have difficulty activating Ultra Instinct. What was striking throughout that entire scene though was Vegeta. Specifically how he reacted to it.

“I see it with my own eyes yet his actions feel unreal.” – Vegeta

Vegeta was calm, composed, and cool. This was so uncharacteristic of him because in previous situations like this (when Goku did Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 3), he was freaking out on how Goku surpassed him. This time around it looked like he was just surprised but not at all envious.

This leads to all the theories popping up on YouTube on how Vegeta has already unlocked Ultra Instinct.

To be honest it’s too early to tell if Vegeta has already unlocked Ultra Instinct. I’m a huge Vegeta fan myself but it’s highly unlikely for him to have mastered it even before Goku. In the event that he has, then that’s friggin’ awesome. But we doubt that’s the case. What’s more likely is that he will be able to achieve it faster than the usual because he’s already starting to catch up with Goku due to his training with Whis.

We’d love to be proven wrong though.

How about you guys? Has Vegeta unlocked Ultra Instinct already?

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