OPPO F5 outs a 6GB Variant and Hints at Possible Mobile eSports Support

Is it time to get your (mobile) game on? OPPO seems to think so!

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OPPO’s best-ever Selfie Expert just welcomes its beefed-up brother the OPPO F5 6GB this December 9! Dropping by the OPPO Concept Stores by around next week, this limited-edition 6GB variant also comes in stunning red — a color that’s pretty apt for the Season as well!

With 6GB of RAM and still coupled with 2.5Hz of powerful Octacore processor, the additional RAM ensures your uninterrupted entertainment experience as you breeze through your various apps.

It seems like the OPPO F5 6GB has mobile gamers in mind as the phone giant is said to have partnered with Garena and Arena of Valor. A purchase gets you the clown prince of crime in the frenzied Mobile MOBA game that’s sweeping the nation! Yeah, folks, we’re not kidding — the Joker! And to sweeten the deal, customers will get the chance to win more in-game items in the coming weeks. From the official PR that we got it also says to “Watch out as well for tournaments here in the Philippines. Make sure to watch Arena of Valor and tune-in to OPPO Philippines Facebook page for more details soon.”

Could a firmer partnership between OPPO and Garena be in the works? Are they finally dipping their feet in eSports territory? This is a pretty interesting step as not a lot of major manufacturers (here at least) have thrown their official support on mobile gaming and eSports.

In fact, aside from the Razer Phone, not a lot of more established phone manufacturers are cornering the mobile gaming market. In the Philippines, at least, Telco’s are the ones who are paving way for Mobile eSports to find its footing. If phone brands themselves are lending their support then we may see the Mobile eSports scene flourish the same way eSports have been in the past couple of years.


If you’re not much into the mobile MOBA scene, the question we have for you is…why? :)) But in case that isn’t your cup of tea, the OPPO F5 6GB is still an impressive multimedia, multi-function piece of equipment. 20Pixels front facing cam gives you amazing selfies with the intelligent A.I. Beauty Technology that learns and predicts your best beauty mode allowing you to #CaptureTheRealYou in a much better light. The 6″ FHD display still has the fast face unlock tech so your phone can go up any time you need it to.

The OPPO F5 6GB also packs the ColorsOS 3.2 in the unit making this the most intuitive and easiest to use phone the company has every outed. Heck, it even has an anti-interruption mode when you game and a split-screen function allowing you to open 2 apps in one screen. O_O

Light, sleek, beautiful and now even more powerful, the OPPO F5 6GB is a standout phone that allows you to get the most out of your mobile lifestyle.

“The new OPPO F5 6GB shows that a smartphone is not just powerful, but can also be a lifestyle statement with its loud and stylish red color. We’re sure that people will adore our outstanding A.I. Beauty Technology selfies along with its upgraded RAM and storage in a standout color,” said Brand Marketing Manager Stephen Cheng.

Overall, we’re pretty stoked! Sure, the phone isn’t packing a dual camera (like its F3 predecessor) but the other internal features of the F5 is just too lovely to ignore. And now with 2 additional RAMS for more entertainment power, you’d be remiss to miss out on this.

The Limited Edition OPPO F5 6GB Red is priced at Php 21, 990 AND comes with a free Olike Bluetooth speaker worth Php 2,990. The OPPO F5 6GB is now reportedly available for pre-orders. Check out the link HERE for more details. 

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