The Japanese Kotahi is so rare it doesn’t exist! Rising Sun’s mishap of mythological proportions!

Not all Rising Sun copies will be affected by this mistake!

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We don’t expect Rising Sun to be perfect but even before its release we’ve discovered a flaw! The Kickstarter Exclusive Kotahi isn’t a mythological creature at all! You won’t find any myths or legends about the Kotahi if you try to Google it! The only reference to the Kotahi prior to today is a now edited Wikipedia entry!


As it turns out, the Kotahi entry was placed into Wikipedia just to troll somebody! And from all this careless prank we now have Kickstarter exclusive art, a cool miniature and even cards of a mythological creature with no myths! Somebody at CMON must’ve been really keen to put in a “spirit monkey” into Rising Sun if they were going to overlook this!


As for how the imaginary Kotahi came be drawn, the artist Adrian Smith could have taken inspiration from art of the legendary Sun Wukong, the monkey king! Sun Wukong is a popular heroic Eastern figure inspiring hundreds of characters. Sun Wukong is frequently depicted riding a cloud and wielding his beloved magical staff. In fact, Goku’s original design is inspired by Sun Wukong! 


Want to own your own Kotahi-less copy of Rising Sun? Eric Lang’s Rising Sun is expected to hit retail shelves this April 2018!

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