Meet ASUS VivoWatch BP: The Perfect Smartwatch for Waifu-Watching

ASUS introduced the VivoWatch BP at Computex 2018, which is designed to monitor a user's blood pressure. It's not only great for exercise, it's also great to track heart rate when watching your waifus!

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ASUS revealed lots of drool-worthy tech at Computex 2018, including the ROG Phone, ROG Strix Scar II/Hero II, ZenBook Pro, and many more. Among the ‘many more’ products of ASUS is the VivoWatch BP, which flew under-the-radar for most tech fans who’ve kept up with Computex news. It certainly caught my eye though, but not for the reason that you would expect.

The VivoWatch BP has built-in sensors that provides real-time blood pressure measurements in just 15 seconds. The watch also features the ASUS HealthAI technology that helps track stats such as heart rate, sleep quality, and de-stress index.

With all these features, the VivoWatch BP is perfect for health-conscious individuals. But I’m not exactly the target market for this watch (I don’t even exercise every day). So why did it pique my interest? Well…


It’s because I can finally determine who my #1 waifu truly is! 

You see, I’m an indecisive guy, especially with waifus. I find it hard to choose just one, so I’ll just let this watch do the deciding for me. I’ll simply watch the animes with my waifus while wearing the VivoWatch BP, and then I’ll record my heart rate (and blood pressure). The anime waifu which makes my heart beat the fastest wins!

Will it be..


Violet Evergarden (who is totally not Saber mind you)?



The pink-haired mech pilot(-ish) Zero Two from Darling in the FranXX?



The totally-not-a-tsundere Kurisu Makise of Steins;Gate (and Steins;Gate 0 I guess)?



Ochako Uraraka/Uravity of My Hero Academia?



Or the saint herself, Jeanne d’Arc of Fate/Apocrypha?


I can’t wait to find out who my true waifu (aside from Saber of course) will be! But I’ll have to wait til the VivoWatch BP gets released, which should land on our shores real soon.