PlayStation unveils the stunning ‘500 Million’ Limited Edition PS4 Pro

This might be the best-looking PS4 Pro to date!

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PlayStation has just hit a major milestone with a mind-boggling 500 million units sold, that includes systems from the original PlayStation to the latest PS4 Pro. To celebrate, PlayStation just revealed their absolutely stunning 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro which comes in a unique translucent dark blue color!


This particular PS4 is the sixth limited edition Pro system and it joins the equally beautiful limited-run consoles such as the Rahtalos Edition, the God of War Edition, and the Spider-Man Edition. Though this might just be the prettiest one in my opinion; it’s tough to beat that mix of gold and translucent blue (even if it’s straight out of the 90s).


The best part about the 500 Million Limited Edition is that it comes with equally eye-catching accessories, including a translucent blue DualShock 4 controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, a headset, and a vertical stand. Not to mention that it has a 2 TB hard drive to fit all your games!


Check out more pics of the Limited Edition Bundle here:


Want to get your hands on a 500 Million Limited Edition bundle? It’ll soon be available in the USA and Canada at select retailers for 499.99 USD or 639.99 CAD. The DualShock 4 controller will also be available separately for 99.99 USD or 119.99 CAD. PlayStation did not yet announce availability in Asia and in other regions.


If you’re planning to buy this, you better hurry. The 500 Million Edition PS4 pro will have a limited run of 50,000 units worldwide!

For more information on this new PS4 Pro, visit PlayStation’s official blog.