Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 gets a comic book treatment!

Watch out for the latest Spider-Geddon issue this week!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is no doubt one of this year’s most successful titles; it even became the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive to date. The Spider-Man hype does not end there though, as the game’s iteration of Spider-Man is getting his own comic book storyline!

Releasing later this week, Spider-Geddon #0 is a one-shot comic that will introduce the PS4 Spidey into the larger Spider-Verse. The comic, which takes place after the events of the game’s main story, will first see Spidey fighting off against the villain Tarantula.


After his run-in with Tarantula, a portal will open, revealing Spider-Man of Earth-616! The 616 Spidey then asks for PS4 Spidey’s help (whom he refers to as Spider-Man of Earth-1048).

Check out the first few pages of the Spider-Geddon #0 comic here (courtesy of


Spider-Geddon #0 will be released on September 26 (on the 27th in the PH). Meanwhile, Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now exclusively on the PS4.

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