The Mobile Game highlights of Tokyo Game Show 2018

All played on the powerful Huawei Nova 3!

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The biggest console game developers from Japan always bring their a-game during Tokyo Game Show, and this year’s TGS is no different. Though TGS isn’t just the place to be for console gamers, as mobile games are also given the spotlight as well (see for yourself in our Tokyo Game Show 2018 tour).

While there was a dizzying array of mobile games to try out, five of the games on the show floor stood out (for us at least). Good thing we brought a Huawei Nova 3 with us, as we were able to play these five games at the highest settings to give us the best experience possible.

So without further ado, here are the highlight mobile games of TGS 2018:


Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Maji Battle

As big fans of Yu Yu Hakusho (I mean who isn’t right?), we were immediately drawn in to KLab Games’ booth at TGS, as it featured the mobile title Yu Yu Hakursho 100% Maji Battle. Since it’s not available in the Philippines, we were more than eager to try the game out for ourselves, and boy was it a hype game!


While the game was only available in Japanese, we were still able to get a good grasp of how it played. 100% Maji Battle featured a turn-based combat system where you control four characters from the game’s wide roster. The best part about it though is the absolutely awesome signature moves of each character such as Yusuke’s Spirit Gun or Kurama’s Rose Whip! These moves are usable in combat to finish off enemies (man I really hope this gets a PH release).

Bleach: Brave Souls

Another great anime tie-in mobile game from KLab Games is Bleach: Brave Souls. It might not be the newest game out (it was first released in 2016 actually), but it’s still one of the best games to play on-the-go for fans of Bleach (if you’re in Japan that is)!


Unlike Yu Yu Hakusho’s turn-based combat, Bleach: Brave Souls features a more straightforward beat-em-up system. At times it will get hectic, especially when you’re fighting against large bosses, but it’s still very much a fun time. Even if the game is over two years old, it’s still regularly updated with tons of new content!


Abyss Horizon

Moving on from anime tie-ins, we decided to take a look at MorningTec’s booth at TGS 2018. The company may have tons of games on the show floor, but we gravitated towards one game in particular — Abyss Horizon. Why you might ask? Because you play as cute warship girls!


Seriously though, we were drawn to Abyss Horizon because of its gorgeous graphics. As it’s in Japanese, we didn’t fully understand the game’s mechanics, we just know that you control three ‘warship girls’ in real-time combat against huge enemies. We didn’t have a clue about the story either (not that it really matters for a game that features tank-girls). Though if this had an English version, I’d definitely try it out some more!


Generation Tank

Not all the games we played were in Japanese, as some had English versions as well. One of those games is Generation Tank, and it’s even crazier than Abyss Horizon! In the game, you control a typical modern tank, but your enemies are giant insects!

Sounds crazy right? Well the game itself is fairly simple, but the fact that you’re fighting off giant insects is insane — in a good way. Once you go through the game though, you have to manage your tank’s health well, as the giant insect enemies pack a punch!


PUBG Mobile

Finally, we have PUBG Mobile! Yes, we know it’s not a Japan exclusive title, but we just had to try it out. TGS had a massive PUBG booth, both for mobile and PC/console; this made us want to try out the game with the Nova 3. Plus, it was a way for us to test the phone on a game that we have tons of experience with (to better judge its gaming capabilities).

For all the games that we’ve mentioned so far, the Nova 3 did not struggle at all at the highest settings. The same held true with PUBG Mobile, as the game ran smoothly without any noticeable frame drops thanks to its GPU Boost feature (which makes games run faster in general). This means that the Huawei Nova 3 is a great choice for any avid mobile gamer.


And that’s it for our highlight mobile games of Tokyo Game Show 2018! Want more TGS exclusive content? Check out these 13 Awesome Photo Spots at TGS or the list of the game show’s Coolest Merch Finds. There’s also our first impressions of the Huawei Nova 3 while in Tokyo!