Charge Up! Huawei Mate 20 Pro Charges Insanely Fast so YOU can charge others

Juice up on the Battery Power of Huawei's new Mate 20 Series!

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In our previous Unboxing of the Mate 20, the Mate 20 Pro and the subsequent review of the Mate 20, we already pointed out the units crazy internals — including the first-ever Kirin 980 chipset. But blazing-fast chipsets, a sizeable RAM and all the bells and whistle that a phone could get would be close to useless if you can’t last half a day using your unit.

The great thing about the Mate Series is its inclusion of a monster-size battery pack for both the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. And despite the slimmer size difference of the Pro and the Mate 20, they packed 200 more mAh on the Pro (4000 mAh on Mate 20 versus 4200 mAh on the Mate 20 Pro). Who is the wizard that conjured this sorcery? Apparently his name is Mr. Yang Chengjun, Huawei’s Charging and Battery Expert.

Mr. Yang Chengjun, Huawei’s Charging and Battery Expert

Aside from the large capacity of batteries, both phones are fitted with SuperCharge technology — a staple in any flagship and upper mid-tier device. THe Mate 20 is equipped with a 22.5W SuperChage — which is much faster than that of the P20 Pro, but the Mate 20 Pro is equipped with a whopping 40W SuperCharge. The claim to fame of the unit is that it can charge around 70% of the phone from 0 in about 30 minutes time. We tested this out and welp, here’s a 36 seconds of video for you guys with 1 second equating to about a minute of charge time.


To those who are worried, there are tech safeguards to ensure that your phone doesn’t turn into a portable Molotov cocktail. According to Chengjun, Huawei focuses its design concept through capability model which is divided into four categories: Speed, Capacity, Compatibility, and Safety.

For the SuperCharge to work as intended, you need to use everything from the box — the charger itself and the type C cable intended for the specific unit (so, no, using a charger from the Mate 20 for your Mate 20 Pro will not let you charge the phone as fast as the 40W charger would).

“Batteries are important aspect of every smartphone especially to the digital world we live in. We all want real time updates and we want to stay connected with our loved ones every minute of our lives.”, quipped Chengjun.

Aside from the Huawei SuperCharge, the Mate 20 (particularly the Mate 20 Pro) is also equipped with Wireless Quick Charge, and Reverse Wireless Charging — a trick that will surely turn heads.

Image result for huawei mate 20 reverse wireless charging

The reverse wireless charging takes a while to activate on varying phones (of course it works instantaneously on Huawei phones that support wireless charging) but it will work.

If you want to go the standard wireless  charging route, Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro supports up to 15W Wireless Quick Charge. Not that bad still. 🙂

But then the 4200 mAh battery of the Mate 20 Pro generally lasts us a whole day of extensive use (apps, photo and video documentation and the occasional game in between) before our phone falls below 8% battery and we need to recharge the unit again. It’s one of the little things that made us consider the Pro version.

Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro has been out in the market for Php 40,990 and Php 49,990 respectively. To learn more visit