Samsung’s latest triple cam-equipped Galaxy A7 lets you capture more!

Capture more of the world with the A7's Ultra Wide Camera!

If you’ve ever had a chance to use a smartphone with a wide angle camera, you’ll know that it’s one handy feature! Not only will the wide angle camera let you capture more in one shot, it’ll also facilitate more creative shot compositions.

Now if you’re on the lookout for a smartphone with a wide angle lets but won’t cost an arm and a leg, check out Samsung’s new Galaxy A7 (2018) which has a triple-cam setup that includes a 120-degree Ultra Wide Camera.

Want to know how to fully take advantage of the Ultra Wide Camera? Here’s a few tips to help you out:


Lead the eyes with diagonal lines

Keep an eye out for roads, buildings, or patterns that run diagonally in the viewfinder. The lines they form lead one’s eye toward a point of interest and suggest a sense of depth. Position eye-catching subjects at the intersection or end of these lines to produce dynamic photographs.

Play with perspective with angles and scales

Place items in front of landscapes or monuments, which will emphasize depth and add scale. Instead of shooting straight-on, try working with different angles. For example, capture buildings or structures from below to make them look more imposing. From a hilltop or rooftop, angle the camera downward to create an illusion of height.

Find spectacular sights

Create special couple, family, or barkada photos by incorporating gorgeous backdrops in the frame. Capture tender moments in a field of flowers (think tulip gardens of the Netherlands) to add more romance. Make the squad smile and pose in front of towering mountains or skyscrapers for that epic group shot.


Can’t wait to play around with a wide angle camera of your own? You can now purchase the Samsung Galaxy A7 for only PHP 17,990 in Samsung stores nationwide. The regular model comes in a 4GB/64GB configuration, but if that isn’t enough, there’s an upgraded version with 6GB RAM/128GB storage that’s also available now for PHP 22,990.