A new gaming beast arrives | Lenovo Legion Y740 Sneak Peek

And it's packing an RTX 2080 GPU!

Lenovo not only brought awesome e-sports action at Bangkok, Thailand, they also showcased the latest additions to their Legion gaming line. Among all of the products that they showcased, one in particular took our interest — the 17-inch Lenovo Legion Y740.

The Y740 appearance-wise looks fairly similair to it’s cousin the Y530, but it comes with a huge upgrade as it is packs an NVIDIA RTX 2080 gaming GPU along with an impressive display that’s has an HDR feature.

Check-out the specs below to know what’s under the Y740’s hood:

  • Intel Core i7
  • Intel Optane
  • Geforce RTX 2080 with MaxQ Design
  • Nvidia Gsync 144Hz
  • Dolby Atmos Speakers
  • Dolby Vision HDR 500knits
  • Corsair ICUE RGB Keyboard
  • Killer AC WIFI

The overall design looks the same compared to the previous release, but the Y740 has a subtle difference such the iron grey color scheme, it’s new Corsair ICUE RGB keyboard, and the illuminated venting system that now allows customization depending on your preference.

Finally, the Legion Y740 is a promising device for gamers looking for the ultimate gaming laptop that comes with a style that doesn’t scream “gamer”, which I particularly liked to be honest. The Y740 may not be the slimmest or the sleekest laptop in the market but Lenovo never compromises quality and performance over form and you can be sure that this latest addition to the Legion series is definitely something to look forward to!