More UTs are coming your way in Uniqlo’s Spring/Summer 2019 line

    We can't wait for the Blizzard UTs!


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    Uniqlo recently revealed its new pieces for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, and the brand has once again delivered on stylish yet timeless pieces that you can wear everyday for years to come. As with previous seasons, Uniqlo has various collections fit for various styles. Though for us, we’re most excited for the new UT graphic shirts!


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    During the Spring/Summer 2019 reveal, Uniqlo showcased various UTs from their popular SPRZ NY, Minions, and Lego line. Most of the shirts on display at the event are available in Uniqlo stores right now.


    The highlight for us though are “The Brands” UTs, including the awesome Polaroid-designed graphic tee (pictured above). While not a lot of UTs were on display, we’re sure that there will be more geeky tees to come this year such as the confirmed Blizzard 2019 UT collection!


    While most of us here would love to have a wardrobe filled with geeky-UTs, we of course need other clothes for more formal occasions. For these times, Uniqlo’s other collections fit the bill nicely. For Spring/Summer 2019, Uniqlo introduced more pieces in their AIRism, DRY-EX, Uniqlo U, and JW Anderson lines.


    The new Uniqlo Spring/Summer 2019 pieces will rollout soon in Uniqlo branches nationwide, with some lines already being available right now.


    While not yet confirmed by Uniqlo PH, a couple of UT collections have recently been announced in Japan, and they’re perfect for geeks and gamers! Check out the upcoming Gundam, Super Mario, and Splatoon UTs here:

    Uniqlo announces a Gundam Collection with Awesome Shirts AND GunPla

    Uniqlo reveals new Super Mario and Splatoon UT graphic tees

    Here’s hoping Uniqlo PH brings it here in the country soon!

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