Game on! Samsung PASS10N Labs Gaming Series releases the Gamer in You

Get your gaming face on! It's go time!

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Samsung recently conducted its latest PASS10N Lab series with gamers in mind. An effort to cultivate a robust Samsung members-only community, PASS10N Lab is Samsung Phone’s series of events, workshops and community gathering that creates safe spaces for each of their member to find their tribe and celebrate their passion.

With their latest leg, they turned what was supposed to be a normal press-con night into a night of mobile gaming among those that attended, regardless if you are a seasoned gamer or a newbie. 😉

Radio DJ and host, Gino Quillamor, was tapped to be the face of this leg of the PASS10N Labs series. Apt, because Gino, a self-confessed geek, has been a gamer since he was young. From platformers to RPG to more competitive MMOs, this dude clocks in some serious gaming time whenever, wherever he can.

This is why Samsung got him for the PASS10N Labs Mobile Gaming series. At the event, he talked about his passions and proceeded with playing with the people who attended. To let everyone in on the fun, Samsung provided people with Samsung S10 and S10 Plus units to ensure we all gamed with maximum enjoyment and minimized hassle.

We have had extensive use of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus and with the whopping 4100mAh battery (for the S10+ at least), a bigger, full-screen Dynamic AMOLED Display and the latest 8nm Exynos chipset from Samsung, you can be assured that the phones can handle triple A mobile games at max settings out in the market.

To test the phones further, Samsung initiated a small friendly mobile tournament of sorts. The two games on the spotlight yesterday were PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends – two of the most prevalent mobile games being played across the nation.

Media people, special guests, Samsung fans, streamers and Gino all joined in on the fun. At the end of the day, regardless if who won, everybody had a great time and that’s pretty much what the PASS10N Lab aspires to be – a safe space for Samsung members to have fun, meet new people, explore their passions even further and share it within the community.

Here’s to more PASS10N Labs (especially the gaming leg) in the future!
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