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SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    [RUMOR] FF7 Remake details leaked; playable demo releasing this June on PS4

    Supposedly, the game will also be split into two parts for 60 USD each!


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    Earlier this month, Square Enix and Sony released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. Aside from seeing new gameplay footage and cutscenes showcased in the teaser trailer, we still don’t have much in the way of details regarding the remake. Until now that is.

    Details regarding the Final Fantasy VII Remake may have been leaked on reddit in a now deleted post that was said to come from the Square Enix El Segundo branch (which handles localization of SE titles in North America). The “leaked” details are as follows:

    • Final Fantasy VII Remake will be split into two parts.
      • Part 1 will end as Aerith is let down on the water following her death.
      • Each game will be priced at USD $60.
    • Materia will be shown in almost all weapons during gameplay.
    • Weapons will have different heavy hit types.
    • Magic will consume ATB and MP.
    • Tiny bronco and chocobos work the same as the original game.
    • Summons will work much like the original FF7 (they will only be cutscenes).
      • There will be new summons such as a wolf for Cloud.
    • Overworld map will be mostly seamless.
    • Sephiroth’s appearance until the Kalm flashback will be very limited.
    • Shinra HQ will have less floors, but each floor will have more content.
    • Enemies/monsters will get redesigns, but will still be familiar for original FF7 players.
    • Tifa will be true to her original outfit, but her face will be similar to her Advent Children look.
    • Red XIII will have clones that the party must fight before he joins.
    • Yuffie and Vincent will no longer be optional.
    • Cloud will have a dress and a wig in one scene.
    • The squatting mini-game will return.

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    Aside from all the gameplay info, the biggest news is that the game will be split into two parts. According to the leaked info, the game will also be getting a playable demo this June at E3, with a demo for PS+ subscriber releasing shortly after.

    Though of course, Square Enix has yet to release any official info regarding the game, so the leaks are unconfirmed as of the moment.

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    Sources: Reddit, green man gaming.

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