We got to try out Predator’s million-Peso gaming chair — the ‘Thronos’

A gaming setup fit for a king!

Last week, Predator held an event at its concept store where they invited gamers to try out the “one million-peso gaming chair,’ the Predator Thronos. Hosted by GLOCO, the Thronos showcase let players test some games on the Thronos, and luckily we go to try our hands on Predator’s insane setup as well.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Thronos, it’s an all-in-one gaming chair setup. This means that the Thronos combines a powerful Orion gaming PC with a triple-display setup and a motorized gaming chair that’s straight out of science fiction.

Impressive on the outside, the Predator Thronos is even more amazing inside. Thanks to the triple-monitor setup, gaming on the Thronos feels almost like playing with a VR headset; the display setup takes up your whole field of view, and then some. This means that the Predator Thronos is perfect for horror games such as Outlast 2, the game we tried out during the showcase.

Aside from the impressive display, the Thronos’ Orion 5000 is plenty capable of running games, even with the triple-screen thanks to its high-end specs. With the Thronos, you’ll be sure to play practically every game on PC now.

As for comfort, the Thronos’ motorized gaming chair will get you through marathon gaming sessions with ease. With the convenient control panel at the side, you can adjust the seat’s position, set it to a reclined mode, and raise its footrest. Finally, the panel lets you raise the display up so you can easily get in and out of the chair; we can’t get over how cool it looks when you do it!

After trying out the Thronos, we wanted one of our own. But that’s definitely not gonna happen anytime soon given that the chair starts at a whopping PHP 699,999, with the fully souped-up version costing around a million Pesos. If you have a spare PHP 700k and want the best gaming setup money can buy, the Predator Thronos is worth a look!

Though if you’re like us and don’t have that much money in our accounts, you can still try out the Thronos for yourself at the Predator Concept Store. What’s even better is that Predator is currently holding a promo where gamers can win a Predator Helios 300 by trying out the Thronos and posting his/her reaction video online!

Find out how to join the promo here: