Huawei is rolling out EMUI 10 for the Nova 5T

Nova 5T users should expect an update very soon.

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After releasing the EMUI 10 update for the P30 and Mate 20 series a few months back, Huawei recently announced that it is rolling out EMUI 10 for the Nova 5T. With this update, the Nova 5T will get even more new features on top of its already comprehensive feature set.

As we detailed in our quick EMUI 10 article, the new update brings lots of nifty features, the most striking of which is the new visual design. Aside from this, EMUI 10 also has nifty additions such as Huawei Share, dark mode, and many more.

The new look of EMUI 10 features a more elegant look compared to its predecessors thanks to its use of the more subdued Morandi palette for its colors. EMUI 10 also includes bigger fonts and simpler app designs, making for a more straightforward and easy-to-use interface. EMUI 10 also adds dark mode, making for a more comfortable user experience at night.

As for features, EMUI 10 enables users to share their screen with select laptops seamlessly via Huawei Share. With this feature, users can control both devices with just a keyboard and mouse, as well as exchange files easily.

The EMUI 10 update is available now for Huawei Nova 5T users. For more info on the update, visit:

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