Ubisoft introduces “Phase 3” of its Rainbow Six Siege esports program

Ubisoft is pushing for a more sustainable esports program with Phase 3.

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At the Six Invitational 2020 in Montreal, Ubisoft unveiled Operation Void Edge for Rainbow Six Siege, as well as its plan to regionalize the R6 Siege esports program later this year. Though that’s not all the Ubisoft revealed for its premier shooter as the company also introduced “Phase 3” of Rainbow Six Siege esports.

The next phase of Siege esports aims to create a more sustainable and supportive program for players, teams, and talent. The specific steps that Ubisoft will take in Phase 3 include:

  • Supporting up to 44 organizations worldwide, including all organizations participating in each pro-level regional league.
  • Running for the next 4 years, allowing organizations to think long term.
  • Introducing a multi-tier support system with 3 Tiers, to adapt both revenue shares and requirements to the organizations variable situations.

With the new revenue share system that will support up to 44 teams worldwide, Ubisoft is aiming to make Rainbow Six Siege a sustainable long term program. Of course, there will be an in-depth selection process:

  • To be eligible, organizations must meet the minimum requirements of having a Rainbow Six Siege roster competing at a professional regional level and participating in a national program.
  • To determine how organizations will be split into the 3 Tiers, third parties will evaluate the applications submitted by the organizations.
  • Organizations selected to enter Phase 3 will then be assessed every 3 months and ranked against other organizations in their Tier on a set of criteria such a viewership, support provided to their players, revenues from their in-game items sales and so on. Organizations can be promoted or demoted from one Tier to another at the end of the year.
  • Tiers and ranks will determine each organization’s part of the revenue-sharing.

For more details on Phase 3, including revenue distribution information, visit: https://ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/rainbow-six/siege/news-updates/7N1J3eGDVRon8q8OCE9kLV/