You can now order these retro ‘Final Fantasy 7’ figures in the Philippines

Just in time for the remake!

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While the Final Fantasy VII Remake features incredibly-detailed character models, there’s still nothing quite like low-poly models from the original FF7 for the PS1. If played (and loved ) the original FF7, the retro FF7 figures revealed back in Tokyo Game Show 2019 are definitely worth getting as they look almost exactly like the original character models from the OG PlayStation.

Just look at them:

While there wasn’t much info regarding these OG FF7 figures back in TGS 2019, we finally have word that these retro Final Fantasy 7 figures will be released in the Philippines. Specifically, all seven figures can now be ordered via the Hubbyte Toy Store.

Each figure will be released separately this March and are priced accordingly:

  • Cloud Strife – PHP 2,350
  • Barret Wallace – PHP 2,050
  • Tifa Lockhart – PHP 1,800
  • Aerith Gainsborough – PHP 1,800
  • Sephiroth – PHP 1,800
  • Red XIII – PHP 1,800
  • Reno – PHP 1, 750

Interested in ordering these retro FF7 figures? Order them now at Hubbyte via this order form:

On the lookout for more Final Fantasy VII merchandise? Sony recently unveiled a PS4 Top Cover and a Wearable Speaker, both of which have Final Fantasy VII Remake-inspired designs:

Sony unveils Final Fantasy VII Remake-themed PS4 Top Cover and Wearable Speaker