Seagate makes it easier for you to verify your Hard Drive’s Originality

Buying original has its merits -- especially when it comes to your Seagate Hard Drive!

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In the past, Seagate aimed to relay to Filipinos the need to always be vigilant and choose not just the right hard drive, but also an authentic one for use.

In 2018, Seagate launched the Be W.I.S.E.R. campaign in the Philippines, a campaign which aimed to showcase the 5 key benefits of getting an authentic Seagate device. Now in 2020, Seagate is pushing on these benefits once more with their Buy Only Original campaign. The campaign aims to further establish the need to ensure that what you have in your hands is indeed an original Seagate product.

To be sure that what you’re getting is legit, Seagate tags each Hard drive with a QR code that you can verify upon getting the device. One can also get the number below the QR code and enter it in the webpage along with the text ‘’. Additionally, you can look for a brand authentication hologram seal on the drive. Why is it important to ensure that you’re getting legit Seagate products? Only original Seagate Drives will have access to Warranty, Recovery, Promotion, and Support services.

Each Seagate drive has a set number of warranty years up to 5 years depending on the products. With long warranty periods, you can rest assured that your drives can get the maintenance that it deserves. Seagate is also keen on ensuring that you can gain access to reliable data recovery services with your Seagate drives, with the brand claiming a 95% customer satisfaction rating when it comes to recovering your data. This is, of course, subjected to add-on fees, but some drives do come with the service like the IronWolf Pro Series.

Original Seagate product owners are also entitled to various promos and giveaways, as well as to Seagate events whenever applicable. Lastly, having an original drive means you can reach out to Seagate for support either through telephone at 1-800-1441-0356 or via online at


All-in-all, Seagate wants to assure that everyone who gets an authentic Seagate device will be treated with top priority when it comes to data recovery, device fixes and other applicable support.

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